rating: 12* danger

desc: undead, black hair

the first and foremost unreachable person now (and the other lives as well) is pem. pem is represented by certain "names", most commonly "sakuma rei". while pem has divine connections, as does h1, i, serena don't take these into account. i, serena, will personally make sure pem will pay for the suffering he has caused me and my others. no one is allowed to bypass this ban other than the fourth, and any one else attempting to will be punished severely--if not by me, then by some one else. any regards or mention in negative or positive light to "6", the CF, the "past association", the 6*, or physical connections will result in punishment. any mistreatment of his name (speaking in positive manner, speaking as if you are personally acquainted, threats, etc.) will be considered a penalty and punishment will be given. he is not to be mentioned with the name of "that", and any mention will result in severe, utterly, horrible punishment. you do not understand the severity of the crimes he has committed, and you will never understand. being a culstars member, please respect this law to avoid any preventable grievances in the future.


rating: 10* danger

desc: doubleface, pink hair

if you are going to mention fghak in anyway, there are certain measures you must take in order to avoid problems. firstly, you cannot mention the name of f,,ghaku with [[6]]. secondly, you cannot speak about him positively, tamely, safely, or in any way that puts him in a safe situation whatsoever. any speak of him must be in either a genuine questioning manner, or in a way where he is in a horrible torturous situation. thirdly, avoid mentioning him at all. if you affiiliate yourself with him, believe or support him, you are supporting all the evil that has ever existed in the world. you are disgusting. please abide by this, thank you.


Lord. Bring me to somewhere kind. O light. O great light.